Brilliant Engineering Solutions and Technologies, Incorporated

Major Programs Supported by B.E.S.T. LLC Teammembers:

  • DigitalGlobe: GeoEye-2, GeoEye-1, IKONOS, Satellite Concept of
        Operations Development, Satellite Tasking Operations Development,
        Wideband Downlink Optimization Trade Study Team, Image Processing
  • Ciber: SIBRS Geo
  • Reynerson Engineering & Consulting: SpaceNav – Database
        development project for Orbit Collision Probability Computations, C3
        Summit/AnchorPoint - GIS Nationwide Fire Risk Mapping Project
  • Boeing: Future Imagery Architecture, Medina, Space Shuttle,
        Constellation Program, DARPA Submersible Aircraft, Mars Microlander
        R&D project, GPS-OCX Ground System, Orbcomm 2 , National
        Systems, NASA's Exploration Systems architecture , NASA Vision
        for Space Exploration, Lunar ISRU plant design
  • Ball: DARPA Orbital Express, NASA X2000, Air Force TechSat 21, Air
        Force Research Laboratory’s Innovative Low Cost Design Nanosatellite,
        Ball Rapid Spacecraft Design Center, Microsatellite Manufacturing R&D,
        NOAA Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite (OMPS) Payload, Training
        Department Course Instruction in: Orbital Mechanics
  • Webster University: Graduate Course Development Instruction in
        Space Bioastronautics; Space Communications
  • Mars Society: TEMPO-3 cubesat
  • AMSAT: Fox-1 cubesat
  • XPrize Foundation: Google Lunar Xprize
  • British Petroleum:Fuel Management Contract for the North Rim

  • Industry Customers: NASA, NRO, DOD, USAF, CIA, NOAA
  • National Geospatial Agency: EnhancedView Program
  • NASA:Space Shuttle Training, Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory,
        Orion Program Astronaut Training Concept Development
  • Department of Defense: Submitted, PKM: Assessment/Mitigation of
        Risk from Tin-Plated Electronics Components in DoD Repair
        Operations, FC11: Sidewinder Missile AOTD for Laser Systems
        Sustainment Branch: Submitted, JXSQ: Mobility Systems Engineering
        Hardware Support, JXSP: Expeditionary Systems Engineering Branch,
        Rapid Delivery of Highly Specialized C2 Systems, JXSR: Sensor
        Integration And Sustainment, N2ITSM Program, Family of Medium
        Tactical Vehicles (FMTV)
  • Department of Justice: DoS ITSS-4 Program, DoS IT Consolidation
  • NAVSEA at NSWC Crane Naval Base: SeaPort-e Programs
  • National Reconnaissance Office (NRO): Space Tether Experiment
        (STEX), Integrated SIGINT Overhead Architecture (IOSA 2),
        Multiple SIGINT R&D Office projects, Multiple Advanced Systems
        and Technology Directorate (AS&T) projects, GeoLite, Small
        Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program advisory panel
  • US Army: NGDS Program, Mine Resistant Ambush Protected
        (MRAP) All Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV), Joint Cargo Aircraft - C-27J for
        US Army and Air Force, Airborne Sensor Program, Basic Expeditionary
        Airfield Resources (BEAR) Power Units, Cmmunications-Electronic
        Command (CECOM) RESET Program, Civilian Training and
        Deployment Program for Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, Ground
        Combat Vehicle II (GCV II), Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP)
  • US Navy: Los Angeles Class (SSN 688) Submarines, Ohio Class
        (SSBN 721) Submarines, NGSS for US Navy DD(X) Distroyer,
        NGIT for US Navy E-2D Executive Warfare Engineering and Special Ops
        Forces Support Activity at NSWC Crane, JSORD Weapons and Sensors
        Program, Hybrid Dielectrics for Enhanced Energy Storage, Electrical
        Switching, and Thermoelectric Conversion for NAVFAC ESC,Small
        Arms Platform Integration Branch, Surface Platform, Air Platform,
        and Joint Integration Support at the NSWC Crane, JXT: Intelligence
        Systems Hardware, Experimental FOB Technology,
  • US Air Force: F-16 Block 40/42/50/52 for Aircraft Upgrade
        Missionization, A-HITS Program and Operational Flight Trainer,
        ACES 5 System for the F-35 Ejection Seat Assembly
  • US Marine Corp: CH-53K Heavy Lift Engine Configuration
  • US Coast Guard: CEC-DDS CAB
        FoA for NAVSEA, USCG HC-130 PSI Program
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):Airport Comptroller Aircraft
        Management System for the Government of Taiwan
  • NORAD: NORAD and USNORTHCOM (N-NC) Information Technology
        Service Management (N2ITSM)
  • State of Georgia: Georgia Outsourcing Program
  • State of Michigan: Michigan BRIDGES Program for Health Care
  • State of Nevada: Nevada's Eligibility Engine Program
  • State of California:Case Management Information and Payroll
        System (CIMPS)
  • Israeli Ministry of Defense: C130-E PDM Program